cosmetic micro-needling vs medical micro-needling

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Micro-needling feels like a trendy treatment but it has long standing roots in skin rejuvenation.  Micro-needling has been used for decades and is safe on all skin types and skin tones.  While peels and other exfoliating treatments address the texture of your skin by removing surface skin; micro-needling stimulates collagen production improving your skin from below the surface.  The small micro injury to the skin stimulates your skin’s response to heal itself producing collagen in the process.  This mico injury is minor and heals quickly.

Why would someone consider cosmetic micro-needling? 

  • does not increase your sun sensitivity
  • enhances the tone and texture of your skin
  • should leave you with little downtime
  • is performed at a depth of less than 1.5mm in the skin

The same reasons you would consider a peel or any other type of treatment apply to cosmetic micro-needling.  Fine lines, rough texture, pigment from the sun, uneven skin tone from past breakouts, and aging concerns like skin laxity or firmness are all reasons why clients choose cosmetic micro-needling.

What happens during a cosmetic micro-needling treatment?   We review your history of past treatments, your medical history, and your current health.  If nothing is happening that prevents us from moving forward we take your before photo.  We apply topical over the counter strength topical anesthetic to numb the skin.  During this time you will be provided written home care instructions & sample product for the several days after the treatment.  Once your anesthetic has performed it’s job we remove this with cleanser and work in small areas around your face until all of your skin is treated.  There are some parts that are more sensitive than others such as your forehead, along your jaw bone areas.  These areas have less adipose fat which increases the sensitivity.  This is a very tolerable treatment when performed at the cosmetic depth .  Once your treatment is completed we will use a product best suited for your concern.  We also use micro-current and/or LED to enhance the skin’s response to the treatment.  It also allows for minimal downtime.  Clients can return to work or carry on with their day as usual once we are finished.

What types of clients should not have micro-needling? There are a few things you should consider before having a micro-needling treatment albeit cosmetic or medical.  Generally speaking people with these medical concerns or physical conditions should disclose this to the practitioner providing the treatment and/or consulting with your physician to gain understanding of your risks.

  • have a history of keloids
  • are taking a blood thinner
  • active acne lesions
  • undiagnosed raised areas on your skin which could be skin cancer
  • are on any topical prescription medication
  • have diabetes with uncontrolled blood sugars
  • have a history of skin infections that do not heal
  • pregnant (due to topical anesthetic)

The above listed conditions or concerns could impact your ability to receive a micro-needling treatment.  We encourage you to provide us honest information about your health and your past experiences.  We can only help you make decisions on treatments based on the information you give us and your presentation at the time of the service.

Questions?  We can help.  Every treatment we provide includes a detailed consultation.  We answer all of your questions, make recommendations based on your goals and adjust as we go along.  We are different.

See the video below by SkinPro Studio owner Liz Munn.