Restoration Room

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Restoration Room

We love energy, good vibes, relaxation and most of all RESULTS! All of those “loves” come together in the Restoration Room. We review articles and studies regularly to stay up to date on the ways we can most benefit our clients’ concerns. The article referenced here inspired us to continue the Restoration Room in our new location. Excerpts from Application of 630-nm and 850-nm Light-emitting Diodes and Microcurrent to Accelerate Collagen and Elastin Deposition in Porcine Skin

Published online: June 30, 2021.
© Korean Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

LED/Microcurrent combination confirmed the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers

Results indicate simultaneous application of 630-nm and 850-nm LED and micro-current is an excellent choice for facial skin rejuvenation, indicating the synergistic action of these two modalities.

the simultaneous application of LEDs/Microcurrent as treatment for various skin conditions, such as rejuvenation.

Detailed analysis of the gene expression profile of human fibroblasts showed the effect of low-intensity red light with a wavelength of 628 nm on 111 different genes involved in cellular functions such as cell proliferation; apoptosis; stress response; protein, lipid, and carbohydrate metabolism; mitochondrial energy metabolism; DNA synthesis and repair; and antioxidant-related functions related to the cytoskeleton and cell-cell interactions.


When most people think about microcurrent they go to skin lifting and skin rejuvenation. Don’t overlook the other reasons to consider these modalities:
Red angry skin
Dissatisfaction with skin tone and texture
Scarring from acne
Recovering your skin barrier (over treated skin)
Stimulation of Accupressure points
Puffiness from stagnant lymph
Loss of muscle tone
Skin laxity
Extremely sensitive skin

I find this is a go to therapy for so many skincare concerns I use it on most clients for one reason or another.

The clients that shouldn’t use these types of treatments are:
Those with irregular heartbeats, or pacemakers
Clients who are extremely anxious (though most can overcome anxiety with a therapist that explains the treatment in detail)
Clients who have severe claustrophobia. Sometimes we can overcome it with a fan blowing over you while you are under the panel.
Clients with seizure disorders or, epilepsy
Clients who have metal plates implanted in the treatment area

Microcurrent and LED work best in combination and when used frequently. The energy is cumulative in the skin and builds holding results. Once you achieve your result it is important to continue to maintain them.

Our usual suggestion for treatment is:
Once to twice a week for 3-4 weeks
Once a week for 3 weeks
Every other week for 3 visits
Monthly on going for maintenance

Non-invasive, chemical free, and holistic treatments continue to become more popular with clients. Clinical research, articles and publications on these types of solutions inspire confidence and expand knowledge. We consider the client’s time and budget when developing a treatment plan. Results will come albeit slower with less treatments and some clients may abandon the plan if they don’t see fast results. The Restoration Room can help with budget and to build results during the process.

We don’t just rest on research. We have some before and after photos below to show you OUR results from several years of using microcurrent and LED light with clients.

Before on left and after on the right.